Entry form:

Entry form for the Chenin Blanc Challenge 2022

Click here to view the competition rules.

The Top 10 winners will each receive R25 000 in prize money, to reinforce economic and social benefits in the workplace. For more information on past winners, please visit http://chenin.co.za/sponsorship.html

You can entry multiple wines and vintages, but if a wine has been selected as one of the Top 10 winning wines in the past, that specific vintage of the wine may not be entered again.

Please complete this form for EACH of the wines you are entering.

Please note: Challenge is open to CBA members only. For non-CBA members, please complete the CBA membership application. A one-time, pro-rated membership fee of R750 will be added to the entry invoice. The challenge entry will only be finalised, once the completed membership form has been returned, which contains the invoicing details.

A copy of each wine’s entry details, as completed below, will be emailed back to you with the invoice.

Any questions? Email cheninblancasso@gmail.com

By clicking SEND, you declare that samples submitted have been drawn from that portion of the stock identified by the WSB certification number supplied on this entry form and are in all respect identical to that stock. In the event of any wine covered by this submission winning an award, you confirm that the stickers issued will only be applied to bottles from the same batch and bearing identical WSB certification.

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